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Taipei Children's Amusement Park

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Taipei Metro Pass x Taipei 100 Select for Dining, Attractions and Shopping!

In partnership with Niusnews, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) is rolling out Metro travel packages for a variety of itinerary styles and lengths.
From 01 June, 2018 to 31 May, 2019, you can get a special offer with any purchase of the One-Day pass, 24hr Taipei Metro Pass, 48hr Taipei Metro Pass, or 72hr Taipei Metro Pass, as well as the One-Day pass (bulk purchases) and Joint Tickets (Taiwan High Speed Rail/Taipei Metro Joint Tickets, or Taoyuan Airport MRT/Taipei Metro Joint Tickets), including discounted admissions to “Taipei 100 Select”. Visitors will receive vouchers and a folded leaflet packed with tourist information. The vouchers offer discounts in five categories, ranging from sites & shopping, restaurants, cafes & sweets, drinks & snacks, and stores & boutiques. Two vouchers may be redeemed for each category and are valid through 30 June, 2019.
The voucher program covers many of the city's most visited attractions and establishments that are reachable by the Metro network, including the Taipei 101 Observatory, Maokong Gondola, Children's Amusement Park, Taipei Arena Ice Land, Eslite Bookstores, SCCP Taipei, Ice Monster, VVG Something, Yannick, and many more!
Pass denominations include One-Day Passes (NT$150), 24hr Taipei Metro Passes (NT$180), 48hr Taipei Metro Passes (NT$280), and 72hr Taipei Metro Passes (NT$380). Visitors are encouraged to travel around Taipei on these passes to enjoy unlimited rides within the validity period.
For related inquiries, ask at any Metro information counters or visit the TRTC's website at http://english.metro.taipei (English). Information is also accessible by calling the TRTC's 24hr Customer Service line on 886-2-2181-2345. For callers in Taipei City, dial 1999 for the Taipei City Citizen Hotline. If you are outside Taipei City, please call 886-2-2720-8889.