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How do I make a reservation for the Monorail?

  1. Each Monorail session lasts 20 minutes. Reservations can be made via the Park app or by queuing on-site.
  2. Before making a reservation, please be aware that the minimum height requirement is 100cm , or the participant must remain under constant adult supervision.
  3. Making a reservation with the Park app
    (1) Download the app and go to "Reservations"→ "Rides"→ "Monorail". Each session can accommodate up to 32 entries. Reservations can be made one week in advance.
    (2) One reservation for up to 6 persons can be made per mobile device. Reservations must be over or canceled before a new reservation can be made.
  4. Queuing on-site
    Queue at the entrance of the facility.