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How do I make a reservation for the ball pool?

  1. Ball pool sessions are 50 minutes each; entry is by reservation only. The ball pool can contain up to 120 persons at one time. Reservations can be made on the Park app or by taking a number on site.
  2. Please check if children are within the height limits (90cm-150cm) before making a reservation. Please also note that, in the interest of safety, children must be accompanied by an adult aged 20 years or above when using the facilities.
    (1) Each child may be accompanied by no more than 2 adults.
    (2) Each adult may accompany no more than 10 children.
  3. Park app reservations
    (1) Download the Taipei Children's Amusement Park app and go to "Reservations"→ "Ball Pool". Each session allows up to 50 children; reservation can be made within one week.
    (2) Each mobile device can be used for one session reservation only; each reservation is for a maximum of 2 adults and 4 children. To register more people, you need to use multiple devices. Reservations must be terminated or canceled before new ones can be made.
  4. Reservation by taking a number on site
    (1) Draw a reservation ticket from the ticket machine at the facility entrance. Each session admits a maximum of 70 persons. Reservation can be made for a maximum of 3 consecutive sessions.
    (2) One reservation per person only. Each session may not exceed the maximum of 2 adults and 4 children.