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I have a reservation for the Monorail, how do I register at the site for my ride?

  1. Where do I register for the Monorail?
    Registrations are taken on the 3rd floor near the elevator entrance. Access to the 5th floor only opens at the reserved times, when participants can go upstairs and queue for the ride.
  2. Why can't I take the ride at the scheduled time when I already have a reservation? Why do I have to queue on the 5th floor?
    (1) Visitors with app reservations for the Monorail must register on the 3rd floor so service personnel can check the scheduled riding times.They will join a priority queue exclusively for visitors with reservations, which is separate from the general queue for people without reservations.
    (2) To register, please have the Park app ready on you mobile phone and show the ticket page to the staff, who will complete the charge and make riding arrangements.