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Playground Equipment and Elves
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Other Playground Equipment

  • Date:2014/8/20

Indoor Playground:

Located on the first floor behind the volcano, containing plays equipment and can climb the slide, and with tens of thousands of pieces of plastic balls, so children can enjoy to their hearts' content.

Indoor Playground


Set in the floor layer of Fantasy Forest and Dream Ocean, containing two parts, slide and sandpit, allow children to fully have the fun of playing slide and sand.

sandpit playground slide

Coin operated game machines:

Welcome to Kawai World

1st floor - Left rear and behind the volcano on the indoor playground.
2nd floor - right of the gourmet area, multifunction room and theater entrance.
3rd floor - right of the bumper cars.

Categories: Family interaction, rides, sports and other game machines.

Kawai World - rides Kawai World - game machines

Kawai Candy Land:

Location: On the 2nd floor, near 7-11
Welcome to Kawai Candy Land
Kawai Candy Land is for children under the age of 6. There is a slide, a ball pool, sand tables and other fun things to play with. The payable area is suitable for all ages. There are pinball machines, and you can also make sand paintings and press paintings.

Kawai Candy Land Kawai Candy Land

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