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Stipulations for Operation Service

  • Date:2014/8/22

A. Opening hours

★ Mon.-Fri.: 09:00-17:00
★ Sat. & summer/winter vacation: 09:00-20:00
★ Consecutive holidays (except the last day): 09:00-20:00
★ Sunday or the last day of consecutive holidays: 09:00-18:00
★ Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve

B. Services

1. First Aid: Provision of appropriate medical attention by the park nurses depending on visitors' physical condition.
2. Information Services: Speedy information provision for visitors by on-site computers.
3. Buggy/wheelchair loan: Visitors may borrow buggies or wheelchairs by filling out the relevant application forms and depositing their national ID as guarantee (or NT$1,000 deposit if not carrying ID).
4. EasyCard sales, top-up and refund services: During holidays, EasyCard sales, top-ups, enquiries and refund services are also available at the visitor center and 3rd floor ticketing office (below the monorail) in addition to ticketing at the main entrance and 2nd entrance on the 3rd floor.
5. Lost and found: Provides visitors with necessary lost and found services.
6. Breastfeeding Room: There are four nursing rooms by the visitor center. Visitors can request sealable, personalizable bags to store breast milk in the refrigerators on site.
7. Group reservations, admissions and tours: Reservations, admission and tours for groups of 30 people or more are available on weekdays. On holidays only group reservations and admissions are available.
8. Drinking water: Drinking fountains with iced, warm and hot water are available in the open areas of all floors (eco-friendly folding cups provided).
9. Lockers: There are 5 locker areas in the Park for visitors to deposit their personal items.
10. Cell phone charging: There are 3 wifi desks and 6 charging plugs at the visitor center. However, visitors must bring their own charging equipment.
11. Services for disabled visitors: Free wheelchairs, guides for visually-impaired customers, fax services for hearing and speech impaired customers.

C. The latest version of these regulations stand. Any outstanding issues shall be addressed according to relevant Municipal Laws or related announcements made by the Park. For any enquiries please contact the Park's visitor center for information.

D. For complaints and suggestions, call our service hotline on +886-2-2833-3823 ext.105-106, or write to us at You can also contact our staff at the information counters for assistance, or use the suggestion boxes provided.

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