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Does the park offer accessible services?

(1) Express admission: There are group and accessibility gates at the Park's main entrance for persons holding disability ID, disadvantage cards, companion ID, senior citizen ID, as well as persons with disabilities, children accompanied by elderly persons, and expectant mothers with buggies, who, upon verification by Park staff, may enter the Park by express admission.

(2)Queuing seats: To avoid excessive standing in the following persons, when disabled, elderly or persons otherwise in need are queuing for the facilities, our staff will provide dedicating seating at the facility entrance or near the control room, until the accompanying person awaits their turn, and they can use the facilities together.

(3)Buggy/wheelchair loan: To improve overall service quality, the visitor center offers buggies and wheelchair loan service. The Ferris wheel and monorail also provide wheelchairs for person with reduced mobility during the rides.

(4) For visitors with disabilities, there are priority seats in the dining areas, accessible parking spaces, lavatories, elevators, and charging stations for electric wheelchairs in the park. New, accessible playground equipment has also been introduced in the sandpit for children between 2 and 12.

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