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How do I make a reservation for the Bumper Cars?

  1. Bumper Cars reservation time slots are split into 20-minute intervals. Search for the official Taipei Children's Amusement Park website (open with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge), and click on “Popular Reservations” → “ Bumper Cars”
  2. Before making your reservation, please be aware that children under 110cm are not allowed on this ride, and children under 110 cm must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Once your reservation is complete, please wait in line with your companions at the Bumper Cars entrance to check in during your specified time slot. Those who miss their time slot will be viewed as having given up their reservations.
  4. When checking in, please have your valid reservation voucher (QR code) ready. Staff will admit riders in sequential order according to your reserved time slot. Vouchers (QR codes) become invalid after use and cannot be screenshotted and used.
  5. TCAP is not liable for compensation for any circumstances in which a natural disaster or other emergency situations result in the suspension of the Monorail. TCAP reserves the right to adjust reservations, ride capacity, and operating times according to actual on-site conditions.
  6. Free rides:
              (1)Individuals with disabilities (with valid ID) may enjoy one free ride, with the addition of                    one free ride for a necessary companion with documentation.
              (2)For safety reasons, individuals with disabilities must be accompanied by an adult.