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ShopsLocationMain ProductsNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Intelligent Vending MachinesIntelligent Vending
Near the bus station7-11 productsNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Gacha-Gacha Capsule ToysGacha-Gacha Capsule ToysNear the bus stationCapsule Toys 
Mr. FossilMr. FossilJoyful Market (1F)Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Souvenirs 
Vending machine areaVending machine areaJoyful Market (1F)Canned beverages, snacks, coffee vending machinesNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
/001/Upload/622/relpic/23911/21520/5e80156a-6ccd-41eb-9281-fe1eab2f4a35.jpgKorean-style sticker machineJoyful Market (1F)Korean-style photo sticker 
Yammy Restaurant	Yammy RestaurantGourmet Street (2F)Chinese cuisine, chicken thigh rice, pork chop rice, shrimp roll riceNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Chef BearChef BearGourmet Street (2F)Japanese kombu pot, Chicken and egg donburi, Flax pot, Flax udon, Tomato pot, Beef donburiNon-vegetarian
Mr. TantuniMr. TantuniGourmet Street (2F)Halal food, chicken biryani, spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, spaghetti with marinara sauce and mushroomsNon-vegetarian
MGFKRMGFKRGourmet Street (2F)Bibimbap, Tofu stewNon-vegetarian
Hualien DumplingsHualien DumplingsGourmet Street (2F)Flat dumplings, noodles, rice, street foodNon-vegetarian
Hong Wu OmeletHong Wu OmeletGourmet Street (2F)Rice omelet, curry riceNon-vegetarian
Yu LoongYu LoongGourmet Street (2F)Potstickers, dumplings,beef noodle soup, soy milkNon-vegetarian
Italy FreshItaly FreshGourmet Street (2F)Spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti with vanilla chicken, rice gratin with fried pork chops, children’s set meals, puff pastry soupNon-vegetarian
Mister DonutMister DonutGourmet Street (2F)Donuts, beveragesNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Candy StoreCandy StoreGourmet Street (2F)Ice cream, sweetsNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
CueichaCueichaGourmet Street (2F)Handmade drinksNon-vegetarian
7-ELEVEN7-ELEVENGourmet Street (2F)Convenience store items, ATM, ibonNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Mr. Do DoMr. Do DoUnderneath the Dragon’s Pearl (2F)hanging decorations 
PreferéPreferéNear the Spinning Tea Cups (3F)Butter toast sticks, ice cream, snacksNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
HuwangHuwangNear the Spinning Tea Cups (3F)Marshmallows, snacks, toysNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Waffle TreeWaffle TreeNear the Spinning Tea Cups (3F)Grilled squid, fried food, cold drinks, popsiclesNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Melis SweetieMelis SweetieNear Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F)Turkish ice cream and desserts, lahmacun (Turkish pizza)Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Burger KingBurger KingNear Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F)Burgers, salads, French fries, beverages, coffeeNon-vegetarian
CAT STATIONCat stationNear Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F)egg cake,Japanese stir-fried noddles or yakisoba,hand-shaken drinksNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian
DINGFENG FOODDingfeng FoodNear Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F)Japanese stir-fried noddles or yakisoba,hand-shaken drinks,pasta,Japanese donburi,deep fried foodNon-vegetarian/ vegetarian