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Gourmet Street Information

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Shops Location Main Products Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian

Intelligent Vending

Near the bus station

 7-11 products Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
快樂屋 Happy Home Joyful Market (1F) Ice cream, light meals, beverages Non-vegetarian
泛亞文化 Pan Asia Culture Joyful Market (1F) Children’s books, teaching aids  
化石先生 Mr. Fossil Joyful Market (1F) Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Souvenirs  
阿水伯豆花 Old Sweetmeat Joyful Market (1F) Light food, tofu pudding, shaved ice, beverages Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
智慧商店 Vending machine area Joyful Market (1F) Canned beverages, snacks, coffee vending machines Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
呀咪食堂 Yammy Restaurant Gourmet Street (2F) Chinese cuisine, chicken thigh rice, pork chop rice, shrimp roll rice Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Chef Bear Chef Bear Gourmet Street (2F) Japanese kombu pot、Chicken and egg donburi、Flax pot、Flax udon、Tomato pot、Beef donburi Non-vegetarian
突厥 Mr. Tantuni Gourmet Street (2F) Halal food, chicken biryani, spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, spaghetti with marinara sauce and mushrooms Non-vegetarian
花蓮扁食 Hualien Dumplings Gourmet Street (2F) Flat dumplings, noodles, rice, street food Non-vegetarian
鴻屋蛋包飯 Hong Wu Omelet Gourmet Street (2F) Rice omelet, curry rice Non-vegetarian
四海遊龍 Yu Loong Gourmet Street (2F) Potstickers, dumplings, beef noodle soup, soy milk Non-vegetarian
義品院 Italy Fresh Gourmet Street (2F) Spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti with vanilla chicken, rice gratin with fried pork chops, children’s set meals, puff pastry soup Non-vegetarian
統一多拿滋 Mister Donut Gourmet Street (2F) Donuts, beverages Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
菓鋪 Candy Store Gourmet Street (2F) Ice cream, sweets Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
萃茶風 Cueicha Gourmet Street (2F) Handmade drinks Non-vegetarian
統一超商 7-ELEVEN Gourmet Street (2F) Convenience store items, ATM, ibon Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
豆豆先生 Mr. Do Do Underneath the Dragon’s Pearl (2F) DIY classes, hanging decorations  
葡兒飛 Preferé Near the Spinning Tea Cups (3F) Butter toast sticks, ice cream, snacks Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
大眼蝦 Huwang Near the Spinning Tea Cups (3F) Marshmallows, snacks, toys Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
瓦非屋 Waffle Tree Near the Spinning Tea Cups (3F) Grilled squid, fried food, cold drinks, popsicles Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
倆月倆日 Crepe 2/2 Lucky House Below the Monorail (3F) Crepes, beverages Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
Melis Sweetie Melis Sweetie Near Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F) Turkish ice cream and desserts, lahmacun (Turkish pizza) Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
衛契司 Wicheese Near Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F) Italian cuisine, French fries, beverages Non-vegetarian/ vegetarian
漢堡王 Burger King Near Entrance/Exit No. 2 (3F) Burgers, salads, French fries, beverages, coffee Non-vegetarian