Taipei Children's Amusement Park-Gourmet Street Information
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Taipei Children's Amusement Park

Gourmet Street Information

Gourmet Street Information

First Floor Gourmet Area and Shops

AA. Capsule Toy Paradise

Main products: Pinball, photobooth.

the entrance of Capsule Toy Paradise

BB. Capsule Toy Paradise

Main products: Capsule toys, name stickers.

Capsule Toy Paradise

CC. Master Mi (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Rice crackers, beverages, ice cream, cake, donuts.

Master Mi / New York Riotous Hansel And Gretwl

DD. Magic Forest Souvenirs

Main products: Taipei Children's Amusement Park souvenirs.

Magic Forest Souvenirs

EE. Prefere'/TAKO (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Casual Korean snacks, ice cream.


FF. Funtime vending machines

Main products: Drinks vending machines.

Funtime vending machines


Second Floor Gourmet Area and Shops

GG. Gourmet Area

Gourmet Area


G1• Meeting Sweetie (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Tofu pudding, Taiwanese sausages with sticky rice, ‎Korean cuisine.

Meeting Sweetie

G2• Tea Diamond

Main products: Drinks, fruit juices.

Tea Diamond


G3• Dadaocheng Traditional Cuisine

Main products: Pork rib rice, chicken rice, braised pork rice, meal sets and lunch boxes.

Dadaocheng Traditional Cuisine

G4• Rich Nanyang Coconuttrack
(Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Pepper chicken rice, Hainanese chicken rice.

Rich Nanyang Coconuttrack


G5• Hualien Dumplings (Non-vegetarian)

Main products: Bianshi soup, noodles, snack foods.

Hualien Dumplings

G6• Chen Kee Snacks (Non-vegetarian)

Main products: Noodles in thick pork soup, fried chicken fillets, curry rice.

Chen Kee Snacks


G7• YuLoong (Non-vegetarian)

Main products: Fried dumplings, dumplings, soy milk.


G8• Kyoto Ramen (Non-vegetarian)

Main products: Ramen, udon, rice sets, meal sets.

Kyoto Ramen


G9• Fruity Fruity (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Fruits, fruit juices, candied fruits, waffles.

Fruity Fruity

G10• New Sweetielicious (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Ice cream, sweets.

New Sweetielicious


HH. Lackey train house (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Light meals, snacks, afternoon tea.

Lackey train house

II. funbox (opens 11:00 a.m.)

Main products: Toys, souvenirs.



L1L. 7-ELEVEN (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Convenience store, ATM.


L2L. Pan Asia Cultura, Youzi's, Bear Paradise

Main products: Crafts, children's books, toys, hats.

Pan Asia Cultura, Youzi's, Bear Paradise


Third Floor Gourmet Area and Shops

JJ. Gourmet Area

J1• Ireland's Potato (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Ireland's potato chips, beverages.

Ireland's Potato

J2• Burger King (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Hamburgers, salads, beverages.

Burger King

KK. Gourmet Area

K1• Happy Day (Non-vegetarian)

Main products: Soft drinks, French fries, desserts.

Happy Day

K2• Lobster with Big Eyes (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Shrimp cakes, nuts, soft ice cream.

Lobster with Big Eyes


K3• Waffle Tree (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Grilled squid, cartoon cake snacks, muffins.

Waffle Tree