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Notes for activities in the Park:

  1. Smoking is prohibited in the Park; food and drinks are not allowed on the rides.
  2. All actions that may harm the actor themselves, others, or damage Park facilities are prohibited.
  3. Distribution or posting of promotional materials, recordings, filming, teaching, or other commercial activities are not allowed without permission.
  4. The setting up of banners, flags, signboards, or other advertising objects are not allowed without permission.
  5. Roller skating, boardskating, and similar activities are not allowed.
  6. It is not permitted to carry insects, animals or pets, except for guide dogs for the visually impaired, or guide dog puppies in training by professional trainer.
  7. Alcoholic drinks, dangerous or flammable objects, or any items prohibited or regulated by law, are not permitted on the premises. 
  8. Drones are not allowed on the premises without permission.