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The Taipei Children's Amusement Park (hereinafter the Park), began life as the Taipei Children's Recreation Center in Yuanshan. The entire area was categorized as a national archeological site on April 11, 2006. In addition to national cultural heritage laws, the location was also bound by height restrictions as it is located on a flight path, as well as irrigation management laws, due to its proximity to a waterway. As a result, management and development of the site were greatly impacted and limited.

To overcome these restrictions, in October 2007, the Taipei City government developed plans to build a new children's park in the Shilin District (spanning about 5 hectares), in close proximity to the Taipei Astronomic Museum, the National Taiwan Science Education Center, Meilun Park and the Shuangxi waterways. The plan consolidated all these different units and consisted a key priority of the municipal Whitepaper, aiming to create an area that incorporates education, leisure and cultural properties.

After completion of the Park in 2014, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation was commissioned for its management and maintenance.Citizens may extend their visits beyond the facilities of the Park, diversifying available activities to education and the natural environment surrounding the Taipei Children's Amusement Park.