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1st floor plan: Shows the entrance of the car parking facility (at Jihe Road), accessible parking, prams/wheelchairs desk,Visitor Center, EasyCard top-up machines, lockers, public telephones, Hopping Square with accessible seats, accessible and family lavatories, fast-track entry,Emergency station, AED (automated external defibrillator), ticketing booths, accessible elevators, nursing rooms, recharge stations for electric wheelchairs, and Inclusive Playground (for both general and mobility impaired children).

2nd floor plan: Shows the entrance of the motorcycle parking lot (at Jihe Road), accessible parking, accessible seats at the children’s theatre, EasyCard top-up machines, public telephones, Gourmet Street priority seats, accessible and family lavatories, accessible elevators, and recharge stations for electrical wheelchairs.

3rd floor plan: Shows the locations of the AED, ticketing booths, accessible elevators, EasyCard top-up machines, public telephones, accessible and family lavatories, fast-track entry, and recharge stations for electrical wheelchairs.

Accessible Parking

Parking facilities are located on the north side, facing Jihe Road. There are 12 accessible spaces for cars (charged hourly) and 8 accessible spaces for motorcycles (charge by entry). Parking fees can be paid by EasyCard or with a token.

Children's Theater

There are 6 accessible seats near the theatre entrance, so that staff can easily assist wheelchair users.

Hopping Square

There are 15 accessible seats in the front row.

Gourmet Street Priority Seats

There are 15 priority seats on the Gourmet Street.

Accessible Lavatories

All the lavatories are equipped with assistive devices to help disabled visitors, including accessible urinals and accessible cubicles.

Accessible Elevators

In consideration of the disabled, elderly, and visitors with other mobility impairments (e.g. encumbered visitors or visitors with prams), there are 8 accessible elevators equipped with intercom for emergency contact with the Park's personnel.

Public Phones

There is at least one accessible public telephone on every floor, in addition to the regular ones. Additional accessible telephones are located next to the management room at the Park entrance, at the Visitor Center, on the Gourmet Street, in front of stairwell I of Park entrance 2, and in front of elevators no. 3 and 4 on the 3rd floor.

Ticketing Booths

The ticketing booths are located at the Park's main and second entrances. The windows on the far left are both for general and mobility impaired visitors.

Guiding Tiles

Guiding tiles are installed all across the Park, starting from the Rainbow Square at the front of the Park, stretching all the way across the Park. The guiding bricks offer a single consistent line of movement, leading visually impaired visitors through the “Group/Accessible Gateway” into the Park.

Anti-Slip Strips

There are high-visibility anti-slip strips on the stairways which not only prevent slipping but also help visually impaired and elderly visitors to identify the height differences on the walkway.

Accessibility Signs

The accessibility signs guide disabled visitors to the accessible facilities.

Fast-track Entry

"Group/Accessibility Gateway" signs indicate the designated gates near the Park's main and the second entrances. Visitors holding a disability handbook, charity card, charity companion card, elderly card, or disabled persons, children, visitors with baby strollers, and expectant mothers enjoy priority access through these gates upon verification of their tickets/IDs.

Designated Waiting Seats

Designated waiting seats are provided near the facilities for elderly visitors or persons with disabilities, so they do not have to stand in the queues or while waiting for their companions.

Baby Stroller/Wheelchair Loan

Baby strollers and wheelchairs are available for loan at the Visitor Center on the 1st floor upon proof of ID and complete application form.