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Ball Pool

Ball Pool:

  1. Reservations are required. Each session is 50 minutes. The playground can accommodate up to 120 persons. Reservations can be made on the "Children's Amusement Park app" or by taking a number on site. For more details, please see the FAQ.
  2. The playground is located behind the Hopping square on the 1st floor. With thousands of plastic balls, it has climbing and sliding facilities, perfect for children 90-150cm tall to play and have fun.
  3. For safety, every child must be accompanied by an adult aged 20 years or older for guidance and supervision. In the interest of hygiene, all persons entering the ball pool must first remove their shoes and wear socks.
  4. This is a free playground for both children and parents, each child can be accompanied by a maximum of 2 adults, while each adult can accompany up to 10 children.


  1. Located to the right of the entrance and behind Aqua Planet, this playground has a large sandpit, inclusive playground and slides, allowing all children to play together.
  2. For safety reasons, the modelled slides are only for children between 90-150cm tall. Inclusive Playground (sand plates and water plates are for children between 2-12 years of age; while spinning plates are for children 6 years of age or older and accompanied by adults). There are no height and age limits in this playground.
  3. Please supervise children not throw sand or make any dangerous moves while playing. All children must be accompanied by adults 20 years of age or older for guidance and supervision.