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Taipei Children's Amusement Park

Gourmet Street Information

Third Floor Gourmet Area and Shops

JJ. Gourmet Area

J1• Ireland's Potato (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Ireland's potato chips, beverages.

Ireland's Potato

J2• Burger King (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Hamburgers, salads, beverages.

Burger King

KK. Gourmet Area

K1• Happy Day (Non-vegetarian)

Main products: Soft drinks, French fries, desserts.

Happy Day

K2• Lobster with Big Eyes (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Shrimp cakes, nuts, soft ice cream.

Lobster with Big Eyes


K3• Waffle Tree (Non-vegetarian / Vegetarian)

Main products: Grilled squid, cartoon cake snacks, muffins.

Waffle Tree