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Taipei Children's Amusement Park

Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Taipei Children's Amusement Park Admission Regulations

General Regulations

1. For visitor safety, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (hereinafter the TRTC) has formulated the following regulations and promulgated them at the Taipei Children's Amusement Park. Any alterations or changes made will be publicly announced.

2. These regulations are applicable to all premises of the Taipei Children's Amusement Park, including payable areas, public waiting areas and corridors. Visitors should read the regulations carefully and be sure to observe them.

3. Definition of the facilities:

(1) Rides: Payable facilities operated by machinery (e.g. Ferris wheel and bumper cars).
(2) Games: Free facilities not operated by machinery (e.g. slides, ball pool and sandpit).

4. Entrance fees and ride tickets are to be paid separately. Payments are regulated by the Taipei Children's Amusement Park Fee Standards List and our onsite announcements.

5. Riding instructions:

(1) For your safety, please be aware of the limitations and regulations when using the facilities, and follow staff instructions to prevent accidents.
(2) Observe height and weight limitations of the different rides, as well as restrictions for pregnant women, visitors under the influence of alcohol, medication, suffering from high/low blood pressure, spinal conditions (such as neck or spinal injuries), poor physical health or cardiovascular diseases.
(3) Payable facilities are limited to one ride per payment. You must rejoin the queue and make another payment for further rides.
(4) Please follow the safety instructions. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must observe the restrictions and instructions.

6. Restrictions:

(1) Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. No eating or drinking is allowed when using the facilities.
(2) Do not climb onto any facilities or enter staff-only areas without explicit staff permission.
(3) Visitors must follow the regulations and use the facilities as instructed. Do not operate, switch off, occupy, damage, destroy, obstruct or move any of the facilities.
(4) Visitors are not allowed to remain on the premises beyond closing time.
(5) Do not damage any objects or plants on the premises.

7. Persons displaying the following behavior will be stopped by staff and requested to leave or turned over to the police. No fees will be refunded. If the behavior causes damage to the TRTC or any third party, the actor shall bear full responsibility.

(1) Actions that may harm yourself and others or damage any of our facilities.
(2) No distribution or posting of advertisements, commercial audio recording, videotaping, teaching or other commercial activities are allowed without prior agreement.
(3) Any other behavior that may disrupt or interfere with others, or that is in violation of these regulations or other public announcements made by this company or other related legislations.

8. Regulations of carry-on objects are as below:

(1) The following objects are not allowed into the Park. Visitors found carrying these items will be evicted without refund.

• Slogans, flags, banners and other advertising materials.
• Rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, foldable push scooters or other similar items.
• Insects, animals and pets except certificated guide dogs accompanying disabled passengers and young guide dogs being trained by certified professionals.
• Alcoholic beverages, dangerous or inflammable objects and other illegal or regulated objects.
• Other behaviors prohibited by the TRTC.

(2) If carry-on objects are suspected of containing hazardous or combustible materials, the TRTC may demand clarification from the holder and perform an inspection. Persons refusing inspection will be regarded as carrying hazardous objects. Such persons will not be granted entry to the Park and will be forwarded to the police when necessary.
(3) Visitors are solely responsible for the safeguarding of their personal belongings. The lockers at the Park are for storage only. We will not be responsible for any lost or missing items. No compensation will be made.
(4) There is no barbecue area in the park. Do not bring any BBQ or camping equipment.

Admission and ticketing

9. Visitors entering payable areas or wishing to use the facilities must use tickets approved or distributed by the TRTC only.

10. Prices and discounts are subject to onsite notices. Eligible persons must proactively produce valid IDs for inspection.

11. Children under the age of 6 may enter for free on presentation of photo ID, but must be accompanied by a paying adult.

12. Any visitor without a valid ticket must pay the full price.

13. Visitors entering payable areas with counterfeit tickets or reentering stamp will be handled according to the “visitors without ticket” regulations and are subject to prosecution.

14. Visitors holding admission tickets but did not enter the payable area, or who have remained in the payable area less than 10 minutes, may request a refund by bringing the receipt or ticket to the counter on the day of purchase.

15. In case of emergency evacuation, visitors may request a full refund within 7 days.

Admission and ticketing

16. Lost objects found in the Park are processed according to the following regulations:

(1) Lost objects should be brought to the service counters. The TRTC will issue a receipt to the finder.
(2) Visitors who have lost personal belongings may contact the service counter for assistance.
(3) To claim a lost object, the claimant must prove to be its rightful owner. If claiming on behalf of another person, identity certifications of both the claimant and the owner must be presented before the item can be released. Items of high monetary value or registered valuable papers must be claimed by the owner in person.
(4) Found objects are processed according to relevant regulations. The TRTC is not liable for any storage, damages or compensation.

17. Visitor numbers are restricted in the interest of safety and quality.

18. Visitors may reenter the park on the same day upon presentation of a wrist stamp obtained upon first exit.

19. In case of natural disasters or other emergencies, park facilities will be suspended and events cancelled or rescheduled by onsite notice.

20. Please follow staff instructions and leave the park after closing time.

21. The TRTC is insured against public liability. Customers seeking any compensation claims should inform our staff of their initiative on the same day of the incident in concern. Please provide complete medical treatment certification from a hospital or clinic certified by the National Health Insurance (NHI) authorities, so we can assist you with your claim.

22. The TRTC is not liable for any compensation of accidents, injuries, death or loss of property that is not caused by our intention or negligence.

23. These stipulations are effective from the day of promulgation or amendment promulgation.