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The 9 outdoor facilities are suspended when the Maokong Gondola's "lightning and thunder detection system" detects any lightning striking ground within 5 km of the park, or visual observation of a lightning by onsite staff.


We follow the indications of park.

  • 1.6mm-2.5mm of rain in 10 minutes (most people open their umbrellas or find shelter ):
    If rainfall reaches 1.6mm per 10 minutes(10mm/hr), all outdoor facilities except the Ocean Carousel and Crazy Bus will close their gates and be suspended once the existing queue has been processed.
  • Rainfall exceeds 2.5mm in 10 minutes (torrential rain):
    If rainfall reaches an intensity of more than 2.5mm within 10 minutes(15mm/hr), all 9 outdoor facilities will be suspended after the current ride finishes.
  • Sudden Torrential Downpour:
    The roller coaster will be suspended when onsite staff deem necessary by visual estimation.


  • Wind gusts exceeding 22m/s:
    If this occurs more than 10 times in 30 minutes, operation will be suspended after the current journey is completed.


Our park has an earthquake warning system. When it detects earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher, all 13 facilities will be suspended and surveyed.